About Us


Two Paths. One Door. We share many emotions and associations where the beauty of the land and water meet. 42-57 takes us there – to Door County. Beaches and boating, hiking and camping, family and friends, relaxing and having fun – whatever we experience, 42-57 is our transport. We share a connection when we see the 42-57 design; we know it means something special to that person or family. It does not matter the path you prefer as each knows that 42-57 opens the same door. Enjoy our design. Shop and enjoy our apparel and merchandise.

Our Origins

Created in 2012, the 42-57 design evokes the shared memories and experiences of all who know and understand its meaning – and many, many people do.

Mary Beth and Brian McDonald are the founders and owners of Ah Wisconsin LLC, and the 42-57 design. Brian’s family dates back to 1850 in Door County with ancestors from Scandinavia, Ireland and Germany. A family member has been in the Door County census ever since. Brian’s summers were spent fishing and boating, helping to clean rental cottages, and working jobs like being a “Cherry Train” tour guide. Married since 1992, Mary Beth and Brian enjoy a cottage in Door County where their three daughters spent summers working for Fish Creek, Sister Bay and Washington Island restaurants and shops, Door County Government and the Washington Island Ferry Line.

"My first visit to this special place was in 1991. I was instantly hooked – and ice was on the lake! The vibe of 42-57 takes me away from the hurriedness of our city lives to an inner peace filled with joy and family.”
- Mary Beth McDonald


Ah, Wisconsin, LLC (hereafter Ah, Wisconsin), filed our 42-57 logo and the words, Two Paths One Door, for federal trademarks and we were awarded the same in 2014 and 2015.  After five years of consecutive use, the United States Patent and Trademark Office designated these trademarks as “incontestable.”

We continue to protect our brands. Ah, Wisconsin used images in the public domain and made them our own by selling merchandise under a similar symbol and obtaining trademark rights for that symbol through its use.  Our trademark protects the category of goods and services provided in association with the 42-57 and Two Paths One Door brands against corporate marks, images or logos that could be confused with, or dilute, what we offer. 

Before we created these brands in 2012, the Hwy 42 and Hwy 57 road signs were not used on goods and services, particularly in combination.  Ah, Wisconsin has worked hard to create its brands, and within that we created a unique meaning for 42-57 that goes beyond the highway shields.  Companies have tried to copy and reap the benefits of Ah, Wisconsin’s goodwill as a brand by using the same or similar road signs as our trademark. If this dilutes our brand, or if a person could be confused by another product on the market similar to ours, then by law, we must address the issue to protect our trademark rights.

Trademark law is intended to protect against consumer confusion, and Ah, Wisconsin enforces its trademark rights to ensure that consumers are not confused into believing that copycat and counterfeit goods originate from Ah, Wisconsin.  We take pride in our brand and its inherent goodwill.  Thus, we take steps to ensure that consumers can continue to trust that these items are from Ah, Wisconsin, when they buy items bearing such marks.